Company Profile

Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials, Inc. (BAB) was incorporated in the state of California in October 1996. BAB specializes in producing hydroxyapatite (HAP) and calcium-based materials. The company has developed several implantable bioresorbable medical devices used in orthopaedic and spine surgery in the USA and Europe.

The goal of the company is to provide to our customers biocompatible phases with morphologies and microstructures that can be tailored to their specific applications. The company is committed to helping biomaterials and biomedical researchers accelerate the pace of discovery. Our development team is actively engaged in collaborative research with universities and private laboratories to develop new applications for biomaterials. The experience we have developed in controlling the chemistry and structure of our HAP products can save other researchers years of development and will enable them to reach their goals more quickly.

François Génin, Ph.D.,
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials, Inc.
Tel: 510-883-0500 Fax: 510-883-0511

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