Research and Development products are "Medical Grade", non-sterile and not approved for human use. BAB does not provide certificates of analysis for research products.

USP does not have a monograph describing HAP nor Beta-TCP.
Medical Grade hydroxyapatite conforms to ASTM Standard F1185-03, and Beta Tricalcium Phosphate conforms to ASTM F1088-04a. These components are used in Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials implants (see

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Morphology: Agglomerated needle-shaped dry powder.
Typical Usage: Use as ingredient to make composites, for DNA and protein purification, or as reference material.

Product List:

BABI-HAP-N100 Hydroxyapatite (dry) Particle size: Avg. 100 nm
Specific Surface Area:
50-70 m2/g
BABI-TCP-N100 Tri-calcium Phosphate



Morphology: Agglomerated sphere-like powder.
Pore size: < 0.5 μm.

Product List:

BABI-HAP-SP Hydroxyapatite Particle size: Avg. 5 μm
Specific Surface Area:
10 m2/g
BABI-TCP-SPTri-calcium Phosphate


Morphology: Granules.

Product List:
BABI-HAP-G2 Hydroxyapatite Particle size: 50-150 μm
BABI-TCP-G2 Tri-calcium Phosphate
BABI-HATCP-G2 Hydroxyapatite and Tri-calcium Phosphate

Available Quantities for above products:   500 g; 1,000 g

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